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First-author Paper accepted by JCDL

第一份的first-author paper “EcoPod: A Mobile Tool for Community Based Biodiversity Collection Building”,被JCDL(接受了,5个reivew中的4个都很好。
2004年,Mor Naaman (Stanford DB group PhD) 的paper: Automatic organization for digital photographs with geographic coordinates得到了JCDL Best Paper Award.
2005年,我还是一个unpaid的walk-on,那时在做EcoPod的第一个prototype,Tony (now at Google)也在,Mor也在。我一直记得那次和Andreas (senior research faculty, my instructor) 开会的时候,Mor探头进来,笑着问Andreas: is this (paper) good for JCDL?
谢谢Jeannie (Stanford Biology Dept PhD),没有你在Biology方面的expertise和无数的改进意见,EcoPod永远只能是个玩具。
谢谢Tony,你在Pile Application上积累的开发经验让我受益良多。

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