Only Me and Me


For programmers

I saw a poster in the restroom.

For programmers:

– love wikis
– question the establishment
– don’t watch tv
– wonder if there’s something more
– are an individual
are a part of something bigger
– launch evanescent incendiary mindbombs
– dance
– are going to change the world
– don’t always color between the lines
– don’t just think outside the box but want to get rid of the box
want to make a difference
– use open source software
play well with others
– stay up all night
– don’t think corporate capitalism is the end of history
– buy organic, when you can
care about our collective future
– support peace
– collaborate
– turn off the radio
know the question
– prefer the bazaar to the cathedral
stop anything for a friend
– are on the bus
– live without dead time
– think global
– avoid the air-conditioned nightmare
– comment your code
– skateboard
– know python
– choose praxis over theory
– are not alone
– believe capitalism could use some improvements
hack the world
– are brilliant, beautiful, talented, and fabulous
– see the universe as a humorous, obliging, and magical structure
– allow your light to shine
– use firefox
– smash the symbols of the empire in the name of nothing but the heart’s longing for grace
– release your work as creative commons
– see through the spectacle
– act local
– burn
– want to expand the scope of freedom
– refactor
– aren’t in to the 9 to 5
– don’t want your user contributions monetized
follow your heart
– hack
– know that anyone can change the world
– have been to a protest
– dream of utopias
– are powerful beyond imagination
– would choose the red pill
– recoil at the term ‘web 2.0’
– don’t want the rules to take over
– like dolphins
– are ready to walk the path
– have lived abroad
– feel disobedience is a virtue
– vote
– don’t want to be part of the revolution if you can’t dance
are just getting started
dream to design tomorrow
– want to figure this out together
seek your dharma
– edit wikipedia
– are the confident hand shaping this world
get out in to nature
– aren’t ready to work for a corporation
– are part of the solution
– use your opponent’s force against them
– don’t like cars
like a challenge

Why is this posted in the restroom?
I stripped it off and posted it in the Sweet Hall lab.

And I myself have one more thing to add:



4 responses to “For programmers

  1. Goden May 29, 2006 at 7:52 pm

    you\’re doing all red things?

  2. Demon May 30, 2006 at 12:22 am

    Nope, these are the things I feel, hmm, what\’s word, I feel that motivate me or simply make me excited.  But I think I am also doing most of these things, except, maybe, love?

  3. Guan May 30, 2006 at 2:03 am

    stripped it off and posted in the Sweet Hall——well done!  给那阴森森的lab增加些生气 :)

  4. Demon May 30, 2006 at 5:19 am


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