Only Me and Me



终于,一个严肃意义上user-friendly的linux distro。


什么config也不用,系统自动配置好了网卡,包括内置的wireless adapter。

居然还有和Windows里的Add/Remove Applications很像的一个module。

品种齐全的软件,在Linux上娱乐已经不再是pain in the ass。

OpenOffice已经pre-install (god, how can it finish the installation of the whole OS within 30 minutes??)

Email?图像处理?听音乐?看动画?烧CD?Remote Desktop?玩游戏?聊天?写程序?背单词?洗衣服?You got it all (ok, I lied, 没有洗衣服的功能,不过确实有背单词的软件,好像还有帮助学几何的,学拉丁文的,学打字的,学画画的,Jesus…)。

You think you are still missing something? Check out Synaptic Package Manager,所有的libraries, binaries, blah blah blah都在那里,以前犹如nightmare一般的dependencies, make/install, config统统已经是往事了。

Oh, btw, did I mention the Live CD feature? Phew… so cool…

It is flat out stunning. It is amazing. It is ass-kicking cool.

Microsoft should be seriously worried now. SERIOUSLY.



2 responses to “Ubuntu很cool

  1. Goden July 2, 2006 at 3:37 am


  2. Demon July 2, 2006 at 8:05 pm

    I feel we are in deep shit these days…

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