Only Me and Me


Before leaving home

Most of us don’t like to be a loser.
But what we probably are not aware of is most of us don’t like a loser as well.
Many pretend that they care about others’ losses or failures by extending condolences like "Oh, I am sorry to hear that." or "You will be fine next time."
No, they actually never feel sorry.  In fact, most people won’t feel sorry for you in the least bit. Nice words are also known as "professional courtesy". It’s nice to give, nice to hear, but almost always useless.
Your parents will pass away and your best friends will get married. They will eventually be too busy, too indifferent, or too dead to care about your whinings.
There are only two people in the world that are absolutely dependable.
The first one is "You".
The second one is "Yourself".
Project J Final Stage. Hope to complete it before I leave for Thanksgiving, : )

One response to “Before leaving home

  1. Mira November 20, 2007 at 4:51 pm

    I think, that\’s the reason why the best parents in the world will give their kids the best education so that when they pass away, their kids can live independently and happily; of course, kids will have their own families when they grow up. 🙂

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