Only Me and Me


The call

Blinds at 50, 100.  I was in the big blind with pocket 8s.  3 limpers with Kumar on the button. I checked my big blind because I know Kumar’s style that even if I raised to 400 something, he would still call.
Flops came Q 6 4, 2 clubs.  I checked and 2 limpers behind me checked.  Kumar bet 300 on the button.  I knew he did not have much.  So I check-raised to 700.  Limpers folded.  Kumar called the extra 400.
Turn was a 4.  I led out to bet 700.  Kumar called.
River was a 2, no flush possibility.  I checked.  Kumar bet 1600 (I have 2400 left at this point).
我开始仔细地回复这一手的每一个细节。Well, I cannot beat a Q or a 4.  But did he have a Q or a 4?  I can beat a 6.
时间一点点过去了,我想了很久,Suwat叫钟,60秒count down.
I thought, if Kumar had a Q, why didn’t he just check the river?  I had shown strength by betting 2 streets so even if he had a Q with an OK kicker, he should not feel too confident.  The pot was already big enough.  There was no point of value-betting a Q.
If he had a 4, that would make more sense.  His river bet was just a value bet, hoping I would call with a Q in the hand.
But my instinct told me he was more likely having just a 6.  No, don’t ask me why.  That is one part of the game that no one can teach.
I called (if I was wrong, I would have 800 left and this game was pretty much over for me). 
Kumar showed one 6.
When I flipped over my 8s, the table was like: WOW, what a call~~
I did not cash today.  I was busted in a 3-way All-In hand where I flopped top pair and the 2nd nut flush draw.  But I actually didn’t feel bad today.  It does not always take a win to feel good.  As long as I play to my full potential, I am fine with the result. 
There is certain portion of the life you cannot control.  Don’t whine about that.  Try your best in other things to convince the God that you deserve the luck.

3 responses to “The call

  1. Breeze April 25, 2008 at 10:56 am


  2. Qin April 25, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    mei kan dong…

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