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Windows Azure

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忙了大半年的project,今天终于publicly release了。

Yes, baby, it’s live from PDC 2008.  Windows Azure, the cloud computing platform from Microsoft.

Azure Services Platform的主站点已经开放: (or ),你可以通过这个站点理解全面的关于Azure Services Platform的信息。

北美时间中午12点,Azure Developer Portal将正式开放:。普通用户一开始只能通过创建"Live Services: Existing APIs"来感受Azure Services Platform。其他三种最新的Azure Services App (Storage App, Hosted Services App, and Live Framework App)都必须持有特殊的invitation token才能使用。第一批开放的只有今天晚些时候发送给PDC现场的100个VIP token.

所有最新的Azure Services App中最引人注目的当然是两个Windows Azure的cloud computing application: Storage & Hosted Services. 这是下一代Microsoft自己的云计算平台,也将是将来几年甚至十几年中微软发展的方向。

我下周就要开始休假了,从2月初开始一直都是每天10多个小时的高强度工作,确实应该歇一下了。当然,也让我有更多的时间可以整理很多的技术资料以及更新这个blog。希望能通过这里给大家带来更多关于Windows Azure的信息。

Welcome to Windows Azure.


Update 1: Channel 9上有两段很好的interview,分别是Manuvir Das (Director of Development in Windows Azure) 和 Steve Marx (Lead Program Manager in Windows Azure)。如果想初步了解一下Windows Azure平台,这两段是很好的入门介绍。

Fun note: 在Manuvir的interview的最后,Charles(就是主持interview的那位只闻其声不见其人的同学)说了句:Of course we cannot get Cutler, he refuses to come up and talk…

这里的"Cutler",自然指的就是Windows Kernel的终极大牛David Cutler。有兴趣了解一下David的可以搜索一下CSDN上一个著名的blog系列“心目中的编程高手”。

既然是新一代的Windows平台,里面自然是少不了D爷爷的手笔,所做的,当然也是他最擅长的OS & Virtualization…



3 responses to “Windows Azure

  1. Maoni October 28, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    Azure is super hot at the PDC. There are tons of talks on it. I went to Das\’s talk (which was sort of an introduction talk to Azure), and Chris Anderson and Don Box\’s keynote on Azure which was fantastic – it makes someone like me who usually is mostly interested in low level stuff actually want to write code to take advantage of Azure 🙂

  2. Qin October 29, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    Congrats on the big launch!

  3. Demon October 30, 2008 at 12:40 am

    @ Blue: Wish I could be there…
    @ Qin: Thanks, : )

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